Tuition Info


We believe that for pupils to excel in Maths and Science, the essential ingredients are:

  • Solid Understanding
  • Confidence and Motivation
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!

So in all we do, we aim to actively support these key areas.



Once enrolled:

  1. We find a day and time that works best for you for a regular lesson
  2. Each pupil attends their lesson at one of our fully-equipped learning centres (see the location of our branches)
  3. Every pupil receives personal attention from one of our hand-picked tutors, either working 1-on-1 or in a small group of not more than 3 pupils per group, depending which option you have selected
  4. The tutor supports each pupil with content they are currently covering at school – talking it through, doing experimental work for Science, enriching learning with I.T. resources and of course, doing lots and lots of PRACTICE!

This regular support and practice works extremely well to help pupils achieve their best. And with this input and effort, we usually see pupils’ marks improve by an average of about 20%, e.g. 60% to 80%.

If you are keen to enroll and get going, please visit the registration page to download the registration form. Otherwise, if you would prefer to have the opportunity to check us out first – that’s absolutely fine. Please contact us to book a no-obligation trial lesson.